Melatonin Spray: Latest Innovation in Sleep Aids

Popular interest is increasing over products like melatonin spray, and where to buy sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep is being asked about, as in this curated blog note, as it may be a better approach to get sleep spray than to take melatonin pills:

Most Americans have suffered through a sleepless night here and there, whether it’s the result of a newborn child, stress from work, or concerns about their personal life. But a growing number of consumers are finding their restless nights are more frequent. According to Mintel’s OTC Sleep Aids US 2015 report, some 60% of Americans report struggling with sleep, whether it’s falling asleep, staying asleep, or awakening well rested. However, only about 30% of those surveyed use OTC sleep aids, suggesting a potential for market growth, especially for new and innovative products.

60% of Americans report struggling with sleep, yet only 30% of those surveyed use OTC sleep aids

Along the latest in sleep innovation is Sprayable Sleep – which claims to be exactly what it sounds like: a liquid that’s sprayed on the user’s neck about an hour before bed to help them sleep. The product promotes a simple, three ingredient list of water, an amino acid called tyrosine, and melatonin, the hormone the body produces to regulate sleep and wake cycles. Melatonin, the key active ingredient in Sprayable Sleep, is also found in many of the typical OTC sleep aids consumers are familiar with. What differentiates Sprayable Sleep from other products on the market is the delivery method. The brand, Sprayable, claims that melatonin in pill form delivers a higher-than-normal dose, while letting the hormone slowly absorb through the skin via the mist application is similar to how it’s naturally introduced into the system by the pineal gland.

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