Beware of Antivirus Support Scams

Users desiring more PC security will benefit from the additional services to install Norton software and online install Norton antivirus support due to Symantec's new acquisitions, according to its recent releases. Consumers should go with the pros and avoid scams, as per the FTC release below. Companies providing antivirus support for users to activate McAfee, provide support for McAfee or even to download McAfee antivirus will also become more valuable as a result of these developments:

The Federal Trade Commission, along with federal, state and international law enforcement partners, today announced “Operation Tech Trap,” a nationwide and international crackdown on tech support scams that trick consumers into believing their computers are infected with viruses and malware, and then charge them hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs.

As part of this coordinated effort, the FTC and its partners are announcing 16 new actions, including complaints, settlements, indictments, and guilty pleas, against deceptive tech support operations. This brings to 29 the number of law enforcement actions brought by Operation Tech Trap partners in the last year to stop tech support scams.

“Tech support scams prey on consumers’ legitimate concerns about malware, viruses and other cyber threats,” said Tom Pahl, Acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “The FTC is proud to work with federal, state and international partners to take down these scams, and help consumers learn how they can safeguard their computers against real cybersecurity threats.”

“Tech support scams prey on people’s fear of losing important work, family photos or sensitive identification information. Using that fear scammers trick thousands of consumers into paying millions of dollars to fix problems that never existed,” said Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who appeared at a news conference in Tampa, Florida with Pahl. “These scams will not be tolerated in Florida and that is why we are bringing more cases, against more tech support scammers than any other state in the country—in an effort to protect consumers and recover money for victims.”

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Melatonin Spray: Latest Innovation in Sleep Aids

Popular interest is increasing over products like melatonin spray, and where to buy sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep is being asked about, as in this curated blog note, as it may be a better approach to get sleep spray than to take melatonin pills:

Most Americans have suffered through a sleepless night here and there, whether it’s the result of a newborn child, stress from work, or concerns about their personal life. But a growing number of consumers are finding their restless nights are more frequent. According to Mintel’s OTC Sleep Aids US 2015 report, some 60% of Americans report struggling with sleep, whether it’s falling asleep, staying asleep, or awakening well rested. However, only about 30% of those surveyed use OTC sleep aids, suggesting a potential for market growth, especially for new and innovative products.

60% of Americans report struggling with sleep, yet only 30% of those surveyed use OTC sleep aids

Along the latest in sleep innovation is Sprayable Sleep – which claims to be exactly what it sounds like: a liquid that’s sprayed on the user’s neck about an hour before bed to help them sleep. The product promotes a simple, three ingredient list of water, an amino acid called tyrosine, and melatonin, the hormone the body produces to regulate sleep and wake cycles. Melatonin, the key active ingredient in Sprayable Sleep, is also found in many of the typical OTC sleep aids consumers are familiar with. What differentiates Sprayable Sleep from other products on the market is the delivery method. The brand, Sprayable, claims that melatonin in pill form delivers a higher-than-normal dose, while letting the hormone slowly absorb through the skin via the mist application is similar to how it’s naturally introduced into the system by the pineal gland.

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Scottish Libertarian Views on EU & Independence

From a representative presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of the philosophy as expressed by the Libertarian Party or others may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian view on the topic for all adherents.

“..for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. .”

So assert those who signed the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. A document that alongside Magna Carta is said to have influenced the founding fathers of America and their constitution.

The first part of that quote deals specifically with English rule. Not surprising as that was our enemy at the time. But times change, and I don’t believe for a moment that those who produced the document would have been any happier to submit to the rule of the French or Germans. Rather it’s the second part that I love and cherish. The ideal that freedom and liberty are in of themselves something worth fighting and dying for, and that economic gain is not even part of the equation. “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Said Patrick Henry. Today it seems to be more “give me liberty, but not if it means the value of my house drops.” Times change indeed.

Marching for Independence at the annual Bannockburn rally each June was a regular event for me between the ages of 14-17 and again between 21-25.(The hiatus was my military service.)  I have a picture somewhere of a 16 year old me dressed in camouflage, draped in a Saltire beneath the statue of Robert Bruce. It’s safe to assume I wasn’t a unionist. I’m still not. Now, as then, I am a true believer in, and fully committed to, the principles of Independence and self determination. My first vote went to the SNP, and even during my spell in Her Majesty’s service my mother would faithfully cast my vote for the Nats by proxy. I’ve been a member of that party. I campaigned for Tom MacAlpine and Kay Ullrich, and I even had a brief spell as convenor of the Motherwell South branch. Although by that time I was already becoming deeply dismayed at the lurch to the left the party was taking.

So what, you may ask, has changed? Well the SNP have. Profoundly. The shocking fact of the matter is that as a party they no longer believe in the principle of self determination, but have rather abandoned it and embraced the principle of union. Independence, is a bit of a dirty word. “Independence in Europe”, the Scottish Notional(sic) Party’s stance, is an oxymoron. I suppose there is much to be said for EU membership, but it’s all irrelevant. You may think it’s a good idea, but by no stretch of a retarded baboon’s imagination can it be called independence. There is no such creature as an independent sovereign nation state within the EU. It’s kind of the whole point of it. What the Notionalists actually seek is a power transferal from Westminster to Brussels. To recall your EU passport region UK, and reissue you with an EU passport region Scotland. Strange behaviour for a party that gets Nicky’s knickers in a twist when the supreme court or the unionist press refer to scotland as a region.

After 300 years of political and economic union with it’s southern neighbour that, the SNP demonstrably feel, have been detrimental to Scotland. You would think we would learn a valuable lesson about unions. But no. Being one voice in 29 is deemed somehow and inexplicably preferable to being one voice in 4. The mind boggles at the the apparent naivety . At the last Independence referendum I was asked a simple question. “Should Scotland be an Independent country?” Nothing whatsoever about becoming a member of the EU. But even then I knew that the SNP would deceitfully use this as a mandate to do just that. I deliberated, I agonised, I seriously considered abstaining but in the end “Yes” was the answer I reluctantly gave. I was almost relieved when the No vote was returned. Almost.

Now post Brexit referendum Nicola Sturgeon falsely claims that Scotland and it’s people have the same irrational love affair with the EUnion as she. While it’s true that Scotland returned more votes to remain than England, it is hardly a clear cut case. Little Nicky promised Scotland that if our vote was at odds with England’s then we would have a case for a second Independence referendum. Yes voting Scots, many of whom voted yes not out of a genuine desire for Independence, but to “get rid of the F**king Tories”, bought it. But according to a report in The Sunday Times of January 29th which backs up my own findings, little Nicky is facing internal calls to abandon her support for the EU lest she loses a second referendum. This goes beyond the odd Jim Sillars or Jim Fairlie. There are a sizeable amount of old school Nationalists exasperated with their leadership’s tumescence for EUnionism.

Many will point out that EU membership for an independent Scotland is far from a foregone conclusion. It’s problematic to say the least. Spain, with concerns over the autonomous aspirations of it’s own regions, would block any move to reward Scotland with admittance. That may well be the case, but for me the risk is to great. The Notionalists are a greater threat to my national and personal sovereignty than the traitors who enabled the Act of Union in 1707. Many for exactly the same logical sounding social and economic reasons as Nicola Sturgeon gives for the European Union. As long as the independence question remains inextricably linked to the SNP desire to sell on my sovereignty. I cannot and will not return a yes vote.

As long as I remain alive I will never submit to EU rule. It is not for investment, security, or farming subsidies for which I fight. But for freedom ALONE. It’s time to send Little Nicky and the SNP homeward. Tae think again.

Why Choose a Backpack That Rolls?

Why the best backpack for college may also serve as good backpacks for high school or other uses, such as rolling school backpacks:

By Bray Bell

There are many excellent reasons to choose a rolling backpack for your children's school year.

Some of them are health, ease of accessibility, style and efficiency.

For health reasons, because of all the stress and pressure put on a child's back when they are carrying around all their books and supplies from class to class, day in and day out, all day long, it can really cause some back problems and other health issues, even some being long term through-out their life.

Rolling around with your backpack is so much easier than trekking your regular backpack from class to class. You have to strap it on your back, unload it, load it, it's heavy, it just takes a burden. With a rolling backpack you can simply pull it behind you and it never needs to leave the ground. It really is a much better choice than the alternatives.

Because rolling backpacks are so popular the manufacturers of backpacks have long since realized this and anything you can get in a regular backpack, you can now get with wheels. This is great because you don't have to just settle for something to get the ability to roll, you can now get the perfect rolling backpack for your child whether it be a certain color or character that they love.

It's much safer to use rolling backpacks for your child, but there are a few minor things they need to keep in mind when they use the backpack around school. In crowded areas it's usually not good to have it rolling out of sight, such as behind them because other children might not see it and it can cause them to trip and fall.

Ultimately there is no better choice than the perfect rolling backpack for school so you should look into it before you make your next purchase.

Find out more about rolling backpacks [] by visiting our site.

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Online Accredited Bachelor Degree in Social Work - Evaluating BSW Programs

Outline of how long does it take to become a social worker, and obtaining a degree in social work:

By Dee Cohen

It is important to find out if your online classes and degree will give you both a good education as well as job opportunities. If you get an online degree, is it through a valid and accredited school or university? Is the online school accredited and well known? Is the institution recognized through important boards? Will they help place or direct qualified graduates in full or part-time capacity employment? Accredited schools and universities can also be found online and will appear on the list provided by the US Department of Education.

An online accredited bachelor degree in social work is for individuals who wants to provide support services to individuals, families or groups or to go into administration positions. Individuals are prepared for the professional practice of counseling and administration, and programs usually includes seven core and three elective subjects. Fewer courses may be required, depending if the student has transferable credits or life credits available. Courses cover areas such as social welfare policy, case work planning, counsellng and intervention strategies, administration procedures and regulations. You'll learn about child and family services, probation issues, disability counseling and dealing with termination.

Most accredited and well established educational institutions already have excellent interactive student websites. These websites also includes availability to student forums, access to past exam papers, online questions and feedback from lecturers when you require specific advice. Online degrees have altered the traditional method of study, enabling people to work from home. This works well for students with full-time jobs and family obligations.

There are different programs such as Brescia University in Kentucky that is online. This school has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or CSWE. This is an important council with an excellent reputation. The Canyon College also offers an online social work degree where you can attain the BSW. It has acreditation by the American Council on Private School Accreditation. Another option is Bellevue University. Bellevue is accredited by the North Central School Association of Colleges and Schools. You'd be getting the BS in Human and Social Service Administation through this program. It is important to learn about what the licensing requirements are in your area and how it views these online programs. Call them to find out if you may need an additional internship or more course work completed.

If you enjoy helping people, and you believe you can make a difference, then an online accredited bachelor degree in social work or BSW is right for you and can head your career in a fulfilling direction.

Looking to Get a Degree in Social Work

Learn more about Social Work License Preparation and Social Work Programs as well as scholarships opportunities.

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