Online Accredited Bachelor Degree in Social Work - Evaluating BSW Programs

Outline of how long does it take to become a social worker, and obtaining a degree in social work:

By Dee Cohen

It is important to find out if your online classes and degree will give you both a good education as well as job opportunities. If you get an online degree, is it through a valid and accredited school or university? Is the online school accredited and well known? Is the institution recognized through important boards? Will they help place or direct qualified graduates in full or part-time capacity employment? Accredited schools and universities can also be found online and will appear on the list provided by the US Department of Education.

An online accredited bachelor degree in social work is for individuals who wants to provide support services to individuals, families or groups or to go into administration positions. Individuals are prepared for the professional practice of counseling and administration, and programs usually includes seven core and three elective subjects. Fewer courses may be required, depending if the student has transferable credits or life credits available. Courses cover areas such as social welfare policy, case work planning, counsellng and intervention strategies, administration procedures and regulations. You'll learn about child and family services, probation issues, disability counseling and dealing with termination.

Most accredited and well established educational institutions already have excellent interactive student websites. These websites also includes availability to student forums, access to past exam papers, online questions and feedback from lecturers when you require specific advice. Online degrees have altered the traditional method of study, enabling people to work from home. This works well for students with full-time jobs and family obligations.

There are different programs such as Brescia University in Kentucky that is online. This school has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or CSWE. This is an important council with an excellent reputation. The Canyon College also offers an online social work degree where you can attain the BSW. It has acreditation by the American Council on Private School Accreditation. Another option is Bellevue University. Bellevue is accredited by the North Central School Association of Colleges and Schools. You'd be getting the BS in Human and Social Service Administation through this program. It is important to learn about what the licensing requirements are in your area and how it views these online programs. Call them to find out if you may need an additional internship or more course work completed.

If you enjoy helping people, and you believe you can make a difference, then an online accredited bachelor degree in social work or BSW is right for you and can head your career in a fulfilling direction.

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